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Other Cleanings

Here at Des Moines Cleaning Ninjas, we are committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive range of cleaning services anywhere in the city of Des Moines, IW. We know that there are countless ways in which we can apply our skills towards making your home a more pleasant place to be. Aside from things like your carpets and upholstered furniture, your home can feel fresher and finer when you have cleaner curtains, mattresses, and the rest of the space as a whole. All it takes is some professional methods and care, two things that you know that you can always count on us for. So, speak to us about your needs today and take advantage of the best cleaning services in Des Moines. 

Mattress Cleaning 

Mattress cleaning is one of those services that can get easily overlooked but can make one of the differences to your time at home. Sleeping on a dirty mattress can genuinely be bad for your health, causing you to inhale allergens, sleep with mites and other creatures, and even affect your breathing. Conversely, if you were to routinely clean your mattress, you could avoid all of these negative consequences altogether. So, allow our team to come and help you with our annual mattress cleaning solutions and give yours the care.

Curtain Cleaning 

Additionally, our team can offer you premier curtain cleaning solutions, to help keep yours at their best. Cleaner curtains can make your entire home look, feel, and smell fresher, as well as help them to last longer. Dirty curtains deteriorate quicker and will no doubt lead to you needing to purchase new ones, much sooner. So, invest a comparatively diminutive fee in our affordable curtain cleaning solutions and ensure that that is never the case for you. 

Auto Cleaning 

You can turn to our team for support in auto and RV cleaning, as well. Our professionals know what it takes to achieve the best cleaning results within any kind of car or recreational vehicle. Not only can we offer you premier seat upholstery cleaning, but we can also take care of your interior carpets, surfaces, footwells, dashboard, or anything else. Simply leave it to our expert crew and we can promise you that we will bring the freshest and brightest condition back to your vehicle interior, once and for all. 

Household Sanitization 

Or, if you would like to see your entire property interior being deeply cleaned and sanitized, you can rest assured that we will be capable of taking care of it for you. We can deliver you an equally aesthetic and sanitary cleaning job, ensuring that hygiene remains the ultimate priority. It will make your home a healthier and happier place to be, and no doubt stay that way for a very long time. There simply is no higher standard of cleaning that you could invest into your property. So, make sure that you do not miss out on our exceptional household cleaning and sanitization solutions.

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