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Dry Carpet and Area Rug Cleaning

Here at Des Moines Cleaning Ninjas, we offer the highest caliber carpet and rug cleaning services. Making use of expert dry-cleaning techniques, we extract dirt, dust, and allergens from the deepest lying fibers of any carpet, without causing any harm. These minimal moisture methods are the ultimate way to clean your carpet, with results that show much more. There is no better way to restore the best to your carpets and no more sustainable style of cleaning. So, if you are someone that cares about quality, you are no doubt going to want to take advantage of the world-class dry carpet and area rug cleaning services that we can bring to you. 

Quality Carpet Cleaning 

The quality of our carpet cleaning solutions goes greatly beyond the standards of any of our competitors. For many years now, we have achieved exceptional levels of cleaning for our clients, thanks to our commitment to delivering the best technique. We know that the extra time and care that we invest into our cleaning really makes the difference. And, of course, the expert cleaning agents we use never fail to create the greatest effect. That is why we should be your first choice for all regular and deep cleaning service needs.

Dry Carpet Cleaning 

Dry cleaning is by far the best way to clean carpets. Not only is it the most effective way to remove dirt and extract contaminants, but it is also the ideal method for preserving the delicate nature of a carpet. It can pull the dirt from the deepest lying layers, without affecting the fibers, colored dyes, or anything else. Moreover, it will help you achieve the longest-lasting results, which means that you will invest much less of your time and money into cleaning. That is why you should always place your faith in us and take advantage of the best carpet care solutions in town. 

Fine Area Rug Cleaning 

You can also turn to us for your needs in fine area rug cleaning, as well. Our team can promise you equally high standards with your fine area rugs, no matter the style or dye work that they have been treated with. We make use of the same low moisture solutions, ensuring that we can extract any dirt and debris, while preserving the premium condition of your rug, flawlessly. Just give us a call whenever it appears that yours could use a clean and we will gladly take care of it for you. 

Stain and Odor Removal 

And we can additionally provide you with comprehensive stain and odor removal services, to help you get the absolute best out of your carpet or rug. Something as small and benign as a coffee, wine, or even pet stain can cause untold damages when left untreated. All you need to do is give us a call as soon as any staining happens so that we can come and rectify it with the most effective results.

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