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Welcome to Des Moines Cleaning Ninjas, the home of world-class household cleaning in the city of Des Moines, IW. Our team has been serving the people of our city with the highest caliber solutions for many years now, generating a wealth of experience and building our reputation greatly in the process. For us, quality is everything. We have worked hard to build up the reputation that we have because we care about going that extra mile. Our immaculate techniques and commitment to achieving the best have become synonymous with our name. Everybody in town knows that we are the only crew call for these same standards. So, if you demand the best, make sure that you place your faith in us. 

Since our inception, we have strived to go the extra mile for our valued clients. Exploring newer and more cutting-edge methods of home cleaning, we have sought out ways to provide each client with the cleanest, freshest, and most longevous remedies around. We also ensure that we promise the most affordable rates of pricing, as we believe every member of our community deserves the best for less. But these are not the sole reasons that we are the number one rated crew around. That can also be accredited to our exemplary standards of customer service and personal care. Our patrons and their needs are always our priority – which we are sure will be clear from the services you receive from us. That is why it would be a pleasure to accept your inquiry today and begin working alongside you.

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